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Rental Requirements/ Liability Waivers 

  • Waivers for adults must be signed on location.

  • Waivers for Minors (Ages 5-17) must be signed by a parent/grandparent or legal guardian (with legal paperwork) on location. Parents may not sign waivers for other minors.

  • These waivers cannot be faxed or emailed. Due to the policy of our insurance company, Action Karting must have the original signed document. If we do not have the original document for your minor, he/she will not be able to drive. We do not retain copies to be kept on file on location. A new waiver must be signed for each visit.

  • If the parent is unable to sign the waiver in person, we can send them in the mail.

  • Due to more stringent insurance requirements, waivers signed by parents off site MUST BE NOTARIZED.

If you need waivers mailed please call or email us with your address ( Allow at least 1 week to receive the waivers by mail

  • A safety speech is given by a member of the Action Karting staff:

  • Flag Recognition

  • Hand Signals

  • Do's and Do not's of Driving at our track

  • Action Karting will provide clean full-body racing suits, helmets, neck collars, and gloves

  • Please do not wear any boots, sandals or opened-toe shoes. Tennis Shoes/Sneakers are highly recommended

  • Kids ages 8 and up can race any day of the week

Kids Ages 5-7 can race Monday- Thursday (Except Holidays)

  • Children between the ages of 5-7 can learn how to ride karts with their parents.

  • The parent MUST drive a kart at the same time.

  • The parent and child will have their own separate kart.

  • We will practice starting and stopping before entering the track. Once on the track, we ask that the child follow the parent for, at least, the first lap or two.

  • This is only available Monday thru Thursday (Except Holidays) - Please call to make an appointment

  • Groupons are not applicable 

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