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Frequently asked questions:

How long are you on the track?

Each session is 12 minutes long.

Do you need a reservation?

We do not take reservations. We work on a "first come first served" basis. However, we do appreciate a call for groups of 6 or more to let us know when they are coming. This does not guarantee you will be on the track at that time, but helps us let others know when larger groups will be here. The only exception is for exclusive track rental customers.

Can a relative or friend sign the minor’s waiver?

No. The only people that can sign the minor waiver form are the parents/grandparents. (Legal guardians with paperwork).

Can you fax or email the waivers to me?

No, the original waiver must be returned to the insurance company. There are three ways to get the waivers. 1st: We can mail them to you. Please give us, at least, one week to make sure you get them. 2nd: come and pick them up ahead of time. If the waivers leave the facility the parental signature MUST be notarized. 3rd: the parent can come in, ahead of time, and sign forms. We will hold them for the day their child will be coming.

Do you have any height/weight or age restrictions?

Ages 8 and up can race any day of the week. Children ages 5, 6, and 7 can only drive Monday thru Thursday (Except holidays). A parent must be on the track with them. Everyone rides in their own kart.

How fast do they go?

Our karts can get up to 40-45 mph.

What should we wear?

All skin must be covered while on the racetrack. If you are 18 years or older, you can wear jeans and a jacket (we have some jackets, if needed) in lieu of a full race suit. Full race suits will be required for under 18 and high-performance karts. Closed toed shoes are a must.

How many drivers can be on the track at the same time?

Up to 10 drivers can be on the track at one time. Based on driver experience and group compatibility.

Do you have double karts or handicap karts?


Can we bring our own helmets?

Yes, but they must be full face with either visor or goggles.

Do you have go-pros?

No. However, we have helmets with go-pro top mounts if you would like to bring your own camera.

Do you have an ATM?

No. There is one at Conoco on the corner of Morrison and Rooney Rd.

Do you accept tips?

Yes. Tips are appreciated and will be split between the staff only.

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events

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