Action Karting 

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January - 10am to 3:30pm

February - 10am to 4:00pm

March - 10am to 6pm

April  - Mon - Sat. 10am to 6:00pm

Sunday -10am to 6pm

May - Sun - Thur. 10am to 6:00pm

Friday & Saturday -10am to 6:30pm

June - Mon - Sat. 10am to 7:00pm

Sunday -10am to 6pm

July - Mon. - Sat. 10am to 7:00pm

Sunday - 10am to 6pm

Aug - Mon. - Sat. 10am to 7:00pm

Sunday - 10am to 6pm

Sept - 10am to 6pm 

Oct - 10am to 5:00pm

Nov - 10am to 4pm

Dec - 10am to 3:30pm

We are open 7 days a week barring weather and special events.

 All special event closures are posted on our Calendar of Events page.